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Tonya Jayne Lawrence

Hello! I'm Tonya, and I've been a full stack web developer since graduating in 2002! I've since worked in many places with many people, building websites and other digital marketing solutions. Get to know a little about me, what I do and what people have said about my work below.

I have been a digital project manager for 15 years and Tonya is the most skilled, conscientious developer I have worked with. She is an excellent communicator and has an ability to discover technical solutions for your business challenges.

University achievements

First Class Honours I achieved a First Class Honours result in my 4 year BA Interactive Media Degree. That was for you Dad :)
Academy Award I was incredibly honoured to receive an Academy Award for my achievements at University
I'm a full stack developer I am a Full Stack Developer which means I can look after your digital project from the front-end (how it looks and behaves) to the technical back-end (how it is built and updated). I specialise in intricate custom Wordpress Theme builds where I custom code websites using a combination of HTML, PHP, jQuery and CSS.
  • integrity
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I am extremely loyal and dedicated to my key clients, for whom I have worked with for almost 15 years... That hopefully says it all. Within that time I have also built up an amazing network of colleagues within the industry who I can call upon if I need support or skillsets which are outside of my specialisms.
dappledaxies Meet my little coding buddies, Tilly and Chula, miniature dapple dachshunds!
Tonya Jayne Lawrence While those who know me know I'm not a fan of having my photo taken, it does makes sense to include a photo of myself on this page, so box ticked ;)
  • 10 years on, your final year project still remains one of the best I have ever seen at the university. Gary Unthank, University Lecturer and Course Leader
  • I have worked with Tonya for over ten years. She is reliable, great to work with, and her attention to detail and accuracy is second to none. Most importantly Tonya can always find a solution to a problem, which is an invaluable skill. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.
  • London
  • London
  • London
While I was born up North, I actually grew up in Spain which will always feel like home... But I have to say I do love London, where I now live. Some of my favourite spots are the East End and along the South Bank, especially in Summer, checking out Art Galleries and eateries of course!
Mallorca I love Mallorca, where I grew up and worked for various years on many things from photographing superyachts, design work for Celebrity Magazine, developing an estate agency system which I sold across the island and more! I try to return as often as I can.
Debenhams For my University year out I worked at Debenhams Head Office in London within the web team. I was presented with champagne by the IT Director for my work, as well as a personal thank you card from the CEO at the time (Belinda Earl). I was so honoured!
We have been going for 22 years in the industry tjldesigns was born in 2002. So I have now been working in the industry for over 22 years, and I still love it as much now as when I began!
I'm also not a bad PM. A what? I am also an experienced Project Manager and can take care of your project from concept to delivery
Cocktails by the beach in Mallorca And I definitely won't say no to a Mojito by the beach! Here is my favourite spot in Mallorca!
This is fabulous and wonderful and you should be carried through the streets on a huge velvet throne, while people throw money and candy at you. Richard Spragg, client

I now have a fantastic client base which means I'm generally fully booked on a continual basis, for which I am extremely thankful, but do drop me an email if you have a project or opportunity you'd like me to take a look at as for the right project I will find some spare time to fill.
TJL DESIGNS LIMITED. Company number: 11593641. VAT: 289 3636 50.
Note: Don't judge my design or development skills on this website - I'm sadly too busy with my client work to make it amazing ;).