Why the dachshund?

Since a small child my family always had dachshunds, so basically life is now never really complete wthout one!

They are a small, super cute, little dogs with the hugest characters, confidence and so loyal. So ultimately they are traits I have adopted in the company. We may be small. BUT we are very confident in our industry and there will be no more loyal, honest and as up front company as we are.

DivaAnd that's it really in a nutshell. We also hope that it creates a brand which people will at least remember, maybe not everyone will like it, but at least it's not your general web design company branding.

Oh... and... many days and evenings of coding are done while this little sausage dog keeps us company, meet Diva our little wire haired dachshund, who we think is just a little bit super ;).