CMS and maintenance plans

CMS - Content management systems

Dachshund working on a laptopGiving the control back to you...

We can produce very cost effective websites which come with a comprehensive, easy to use, backend Content Management System, whereby with a few clicks and taps of your keyboard you can quite literally update your website within seconds...create a new page, sub-page, delete a page, add some news, add some photos, downloads, and more!

All this with no need to seek the help of a single sole! Just you, your computer and maybe a cup of coffee! This is also really important as nowadays it is a vital part of your web credibility - the fact that you update your website with fresh material on a frequent basis is important. This also helps with your Search Engine Optimisation.

Within this system we can also offer you Property Management, Product management, Photo Galleries, or any bespoke requirements are not a problem - just get in touch!

Web maintenance plans

We will take care of it all for you!  If Content Management is not for you, or you quite simply don't have time, we also offer very cost effective website maintenance packages where we take care of all your updates for you at an agreed capped monthly or yearly fee!  Not only that if there are any server problems / technical problems we can also spend the time as needed to address any of these for you on your behalf.  Why not get in touch for a quote!

We offer this service 7 days a week / 365 days a year