SEO - Search engine optimisation

Yet another buzz word in the web world... SEO. As we mention above - this means Search Engine Optimisation.

Let's face it a key aim of having a website, is that this can be found by your potential new and existing customers easily via the Search Engines!

GoogleA classic question we are always asked is, when is my website going to be on Google?

To explain this a little further, a search engine optimised website means that this website is developed and put together with this in the mind every step of the way - from start to end...

Dachshund looking upFrom the design, to the way in which we put the website together, and ultimately the content itself. And although the latter is down to you - we will give you the right tips and guide you along the way to ensure you get it right.

Whether we add content you provide us, or whether you add this via one of our Content Management Systems - we will check it before and make sure we can do all we can to help you achieve the best search engine positions as you possibly can. And the most important part of all don't ever forget just how important your content is!

Know who's visiting your website

We will also ensure you get full statistics set-up on your website as part of the process so you can see if your website is indexed, how many visitors you are getting, what are they looking at and more!

Get in touch and we can give you some great examples that we have achieved in this line of work.