Website design

Let the design do the talking... Quality breeds confidence

The Beach Hotel desktop designWhat is web design all about then? There are a number of very important factors which all contribute as a collective in making your website right. In a competitive market such as that of websites it is essential that you get this combination right.

One of these factors is the design of your website. Whether you have a great product or not, high search engine positions or not, if once a client hits your website, the design is not user friendly, unappealing - you can say good bye to a high percentage of your potential client base.

This is vital. First impressions count!

Think about it for a second - you are walking down the high street. 2 new shops are open, one looks shabby, un-appealing, dirty, cluttered... the other, on the other hand, looks clean, bright, appealing - which one will you walk in first, which one will you trust on instinct?

The Beach Hotel mobile designMobile websites? Responsive websites? Adapative websites?

With the ever increasing Mobile and Tablet browsing we can also produce designs complete with mobile / tablet versions of your website. A few buzz words you may have heard of in this area are : Responsive designs, adaptive designs, fluid designs...

You cannot ignore how your website renders across other devices!